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Dorinda asked for some suggestions about screencaps/scenes for a vid made by friends of her.

That was terrible - I found myself in front of a huge mountain of indecision! ;-) But it was so much fun (as always) to choose some pics/scenes. I made very small screenshots, it's probably quicker than to describe everything.

It would be interesting to listen to other suggestions, I think everyone has a bit different angle of view. 

Ideas for complete scenes

The cool scene:
The Loser

Some more scenes and screenshots )
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... 4 times Bill Cosby does it, and one time a cool cool woman does it. Have fun with them!

Here they are... )


Jan. 19th, 2012 10:11 pm
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It's my second "colour posting" - I made an "orange" one already. I shortly thought about collecting a bit of green but I stopped it - enough is enough *g*.

I chose a mixture of screencaps, some of them nice or funny, some very serious. There might be a bonus like a short pink story at the end ;-)

A little more pink... )
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After all those hand-touching and domestic screencaps it's now about some technical items in the 1960s. *Please* be brave - there is only one screencap of each Scotty's and Kelly's face in my posting. But I'm sure there are more to come in 2012 ;-).  

Have a look at the screencaps, if you like. )
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It was a little bit hard to select the screencaps - there are many tender or funny domestic scenes. Still not everyone of these pics is nice and cosy, sometimes family means hurt and sorrow, too.

Most screencaps are without a comment - of course there are a few where I couldn't resist quoting *g*.

The last screencap doesn't *show* anything in the picture, instead Kelly tells Scotty in an indirect way: home is where your heart is.

I wish everyone who reads my post a Merry Christmas, or if you believe in something else which I am not familiar with, the appropriate wishing. Have some relaxing days, too ;-).

A family of two men )
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First I thought about it when I made the following two screencaps.  I smiled and forgot it. During the last months I had two or three more ideas. Now at last I wrote every episode’s title on a piece of paper and started to look for some fitting screencaps.

I chose screencaps which go nicely with an episode they don’t belong to. While joining titles and non-matching screencaps I had the greatest fun of all times preparing an I Spy posting. Still not every combination is funny - some are serious, and some may be *really* bad puns.

Oh, one another thing: sometimes I think the way American's and European's (or German's) way of funny-thinking is partly different. So just tell me which title works for you and which doesn’t. Might be interesting – and I am much more nosy than touchy ;-)

"Now You See Her..."

Some more screencaps... )
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I have collected some screencaps with Scotty's and Kelly's mutual hand touching. Sometimes it's by accident, I think, but sometimes it might be Cos&Culp...

There are some more screencaps... )
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I watched the episode again and noticed I didn't have any screencap from the beginning of this episode. So I made some for a nice weekend with Cos&Culp (being so happy with one another...)

Have a look at some more pics )
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I'm sorting my screencaps not only by episodes, but also by topics. And it's a little bit crazy - the more I find, the more I'm afraid I will miss some important pics... 

Writing a comment yesterday I thought about my domestic pics and hesitated. No, there might be more to find, which I missed so far *g*. So today it's the Bad Guy's Posting Day.

I have to warn you: the first pic ist the only one with Scotty and Kelly... but I tried to take some interesting or funny screencaps. Also not every guy is *really* bad. Let's start!

It's a hard day's work for a spy:

Have a look at the bad guys )
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Heron_pose reminded me with her posting of Robert Culp's birthday. So I chose some screencaps in honor of him and to remember him as a happy Kelly Robinson.

It's from the episode "A Gift From Alexander", and it's Scotty watching Kelly dressing.

Have a look at him. )
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It’s from „Sophia“, a nice and easy going Roman episode. I’m mostly focused on Cos&Culp while watching the episodes, that’s why I needed more than one watching to recognize the behaviour of Lawyer and Judge (original lines!)

Scotty and Kelly are both accused of driving too fast (btw: the only one driving too fast was Kelly).

Their lawyer is fighting for them with dramatic eloquence.
Come and have a look... )


Jul. 14th, 2011 09:39 pm
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Brushing my teeth in the morning I was wandering about "Sir" as an address between Kelly and Scotty.

It was one form of address between so many others, but was it common in the 60s to call a black man "Sir"? I wondered if they were breaking a taboo with this word, too. 

Just to make this entry a little more entertaining - a screenshot of Kelly while he is calling Scotty (who takes a bath) "Sir".  

Kelly: "I beg your pardon. Is it a little warm for you, sir?"
Scotty: "My legs are melting."

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Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you:

Carmelita the Spy

(spoiler: she has a microdot on her butt)

Two men travelling with one baby and some clasp pins (original lines) )
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It took me some time to realize there is one dominant colour in I Spy: orange (pink and green are less often than orange). So I collected some screencaps and I hope you like them. The chronological order of the following two screencaps is correct I think ;-). 


Have a look at some orange(s) )
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I think I noticed it watching the third season - spies rubbing their eyes. Now that I'm sitting in front of my PC and thinking about it, I do it too... is it contagious like yawning? Uhh... that reminds me - I never thought of a "yawning" topic (not enough scenes I think).

Medames et Messieurs - have a look at two pairs of wonderful eyes!

Watch them closely... )
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So i changed my Internet rate plan. Let's see if this works....

Again, I can't match your detail, especially not without my DVDs, but it's the thought, I hope, that counts. Happy Birthday again, and thanks for eveything.
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I don't know if you are aware of it, but today is the birthday of one [lj user=potztausend], the liveliest poster to this comm, the Queen of Screencaps, the Unusual Moments Detective, the Catcher of Details, and the Encouraging Commenter on posts from fics to screencaps.

This is a gift of recycled screencaps, as I'm not close enough to my DVDs to make her new ones, but it's offered with very genuine gratitude and affection. It's the thought that counts, right?

Love Is...


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I watched three scenes where Scotty and Kelly resp. Cos&Culp are helping each other - perhaps you like to enjoy them too.

No, it's not a scene - that's just a nice view before the lj-cut starts *g*.

Have a look at them... )
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It's not one of those scenes with much touching between Scotty and Kelly. They do touch in this scene occasionally, but the reasons I chose it for a post were their faces, when they looked at each other.

They are beaming, happy, joyful, playful - it's terrific to look at them. They have to play Kelly and Scotty, but it's always Culp&Cos.

In the first screencap the camera is far away - Scotty nudges Kelly's hand with his own and asks: "What time is it?"

Have a look at them... )


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