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I signed up for the [community profile] hc_bingo multi-fandom challenge today, and got an excellent card full of hurt/comfort prompts to work with. And in the process of considering the different prompts, I started thinking about I Spy, like ya do. Because it seemed like practically every square on the card had something that actually happened in canon!

Here, take a look at the bingo card... )

Some of the simple ones, for instance--"broken bones," both Kelly and Scotty have had 'em onscreen if I recall correctly (not to mention vaguely similar events like Scotty's dislocated thumb in A Few Miles West of Nowhere). "Nervous breakdown," Kelly's totally been there, most especially in A Room With a Rack; ditto "depression". "Unconsciousness"--jeez, when haven't they been unconscious? :D "Exhaustion," as well; we've seen both of them utterly collapse from it.

"Job-related trauma" is another common one for both of them, especially in episodes like "Laya" where it is the job itself that is the trauma. "Drugged", for sure, both of them. "Family" can be a source of hurt for both (Cops and Robbers, Home to Judgment, etc.) as well as eventual comfort (and I think you can tuck "loss of home/shelter" into Home to Judgment, for Kelly...)

But what about some of the others? Hmm. "Hazing"...what about Kelly's initiation in "Crusade to Limbo", where he's ordered to shoot a man in cold blood before he can join the group? (And he does pull the trigger, on Scotty's command, when Scotty says "Believe in me!" or something similar...).

"Hostile climate"...I'd definitely pick Sparrowhawk.

"Cages" prison cells count? *g* Or Scotty's hollow statue filled with cement?

I don't know about "sexual extortion" or "telepathic trauma"...might need to leave those ones to the fiction, unfortunately. Although Kelly does seem to whore himself out for the job sometimes (or, in Three Hours On A Sunday Night, to try to save Scotty), not sure if that would count for the former?

"Atonement" seems like it must be in there somewhere (The Loser, maybe?) "Confession in desperate situation," too, could use further thought. "Medication"? "Dystopia"? "Bites"? Hmmm...

"Cuddling" and "hugs" we do get, even if never enough (thank goodness for fic).

Man, this show is just riddled with h/c (more H than C, of course, as TV is wont to do, but again that's what we're here for. Heh.).
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“Just what color is this thing, anyway?” groused Alexander Scott.

“They’re supposed to be people-colored,” replied Kelly Robinson.

“Not for colored people,” grumbled Scotty.

Kelly paused with the generic Mammoth-Mart brand bandage dangling from his hand, and looked at the two others already covering cuts on his forearm. They were a bit pale against his tanned skin, but not terribly noticeable.

Scotty eyed him sourly, the beige-cream rectangles standing out on his forehead like glowing signposts.

“I thought we weren’t supposed to say ‘colored people’ anymore.”

“Well, if it’s good enough for the National Association For The Advancement Of, it’s good enough for me.”

Kelly looked back at the blood seeping from his forearm, and his own only-slightly pale oblongs, and wrinkled his brow in disgust. “Barbed wire, man. What’s the point of that? I ask you, who puts barbed wire around a secure, secret compound?”

“Pretty much everybody with a secure, secret compound. You going to put your flesh tone adhesive bandage on that, or aren’t you?”

“Man, it isn’t ‘Flesh Tone.’” Kelly eyed it dubiously. “It’s, like, I dunno, Bisque. It’s undercooked muffin tone.

“As opposed to your blood, which is bright red, which, you see, isn’t that good a look on your brand new white jeans. How much do you pay for those, anyway?”

Kelly scoffed, “I’ll put ‘em on the expense report.”

“Well, sure you will,” said Scotty, skeptically, “because Shelly Clavell is always an easy touch for that sort of thing, right?”

Kelly looked again at his arm, again at Scotty’s face and his arms, and threw the pale, limp bandage to the floor. It flipped and wrapped around itself on the way down, like a minnow thrown from a bucket, and landed in a sticky ball, stuck to the side of the bedspread. “Hell with this, man,” he said, and stood up while Scotty’s eyes widened. “I’ll be right back.”

In the back of the Southwestern Bell repair truck, Russell Gabriel Conway shook his head slowly, taking in the naughty-little-boy grins of his two best agents.

“You understand, don’t you, that spies are supposed to be sort of, I dunno, unobtrusive? Nondescript, there’s another good word. That’s what spies are supposed to be, isn’t it?”

“Well, Gabe,” murmured Kelly, “there turn out to be some problems with that.”

Go into any damn drug store! Go into any damn drug store!” He always promised himself he was going to keep his temper with these two, two men who had brought him success after success, two men he loved as much as the son who was currently attending West Point. Some promises were not meant to be kept. “Shelf after shelf of perfectly ordinary Band-Aids!

“They’re the wrong color, Gabe.”

Kelly was the only one who called him ‘Gabe.’ But Russell Gabriel knew how the name ‘Russ’ hurt him, so he let that pass.

“They’re flesh-tone! It says it right on the box!”

Kelly looked steadily back at him. “Your flesh, maybe, Mr. Desk Man. Almost mine.” He paused. “Not his.”

Scotty just smiled mildly at him, enjoying Kelly too much to bring anything like reason to the conversation.

“For God’s sake...” Conway began, and then trailed off. With those pale-beige drug-store rectangles all over Alexander Scott’s face, he would have been every bit as spectacular as both men were now, and far less amusing. “Fine,” he finally said. “Fine. We’ll bring in another team for this part. Just... Just, go somewhere. Get the hell out of here.”

“Shall we, Hoby?” said Scotty, his smile widening.

“I think we shall, Fred C.” replied Kelly, and they stood, ducking the low roof of the phone-company truck.

Russ Conway looked back and forth from man to man, face to face, each criss-crossed with multicolored, goddamned-hippy-approved psychedelic, mock-tie-dyed plastic Band-Aids.

“And next time,” he bellowed after them as they ducked out the back doors, “stay away from the goddamned barbed wire!



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Title: In Dreams
Fandom: I Spy
Summary: Scotty reflects on Kelly's personality while watching him sleep.
Genre: angst
Characters: Kelly, Scotty
Pairings: none
Warnings: scene for "A Room With A Rack", references to torture

Well you have to get beat up every once in a while otherwise you go soft, right Kel? )
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Dorinda asked for some suggestions about screencaps/scenes for a vid made by friends of her.

That was terrible - I found myself in front of a huge mountain of indecision! ;-) But it was so much fun (as always) to choose some pics/scenes. I made very small screenshots, it's probably quicker than to describe everything.

It would be interesting to listen to other suggestions, I think everyone has a bit different angle of view. 

Ideas for complete scenes

The cool scene:
The Loser

Some more scenes and screenshots )
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For those who can watch their videos, either from being in the States or from using a proxy:

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I Spy fans with eagle eyes! Some friends of mine are making a (secret) vid, and they would love to be able to include a few clips of Kelly and Scotty. If you can think of relevant shots/sequences from the show, would you be willing to pitch in and mention them?

Here are the sorts of visuals they’re looking for:

* Bare skin! The more the better.
* Bathing suits.
* Getting undressed.
* Dancing (well or poorly or wildly or any old way).
* Silly outfits.
* Acting silly.
* Acting slutty.
* Strutting and proud.
* Looking super-hot and sexy.

What are your favorite shots or scenes? Remember that the dialogue won’t be in the vid, so context in the plot doesn’t matter. It’s allllll about the visuals here.

Any thoughts?

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I Spy fans with eagle eyes! Some friends of mine are making a (secret) vid, and they would love to be able to include a few clips of Kelly and Scotty. If you can think of relevant shots/sequences from the show, would you be willing to pitch in and mention them?

Here are the sorts of visuals they’re looking for:

* Bare skin! The more the better.
* Bathing suits.
* Getting undressed.
* Dancing (well or poorly or wildly or any old way).
* Silly outfits.
* Acting silly.
* Acting slutty.
* Strutting and proud.
* Looking super-hot and sexy.

What are your favorite shots or scenes? Remember that the dialogue won’t be in the vid, so context in the plot doesn’t matter. It’s allllll about the visuals here.

Any thoughts?

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... 4 times Bill Cosby does it, and one time a cool cool woman does it. Have fun with them!

Here they are... )
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Older_Not_Dead is a community, where... ah, I think I just quote a little bit:

"This Community is a mixture of the challenge community / ficathon / commentathon / storyathon / promptathon - with one exception: each half of the pairing, in the stories, has to be aged forty or older. It doesn't mean that they have to be forty in the television series, film, book, whatever, just that in the story they have to be over forty."

There was a call for the "Promptathon 08", the theme is "Winter". I wrote an I Spy prompt for writers/artists with the item "White". (Erm... seems to me it isn't very inventive for winter, but I was in a hurry and it was the last day for prompts).

So if anyone wants to write a story... *makes puppy eyes*.

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I discovered it while I was looking through those journals which have I Spy as one of their interests (I thought about making some advertisement *g*).

The last entry in this journal is dated 2003. I wrote a comment and started to read the entries with the episode descriptions. I hope someone is reading my comment and has a connection to I Spy ;-)


Jan. 19th, 2012 10:11 pm
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It's my second "colour posting" - I made an "orange" one already. I shortly thought about collecting a bit of green but I stopped it - enough is enough *g*.

I chose a mixture of screencaps, some of them nice or funny, some very serious. There might be a bonus like a short pink story at the end ;-)

A little more pink... )
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After all those hand-touching and domestic screencaps it's now about some technical items in the 1960s. *Please* be brave - there is only one screencap of each Scotty's and Kelly's face in my posting. But I'm sure there are more to come in 2012 ;-).  

Have a look at the screencaps, if you like. )
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Is probably not this one ... apologies to those of you who are getting this for the nth time:

Happy New Year!
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As long as LJ has had the [ profile] i_spy_fandom community, there's been a community on Dreamwidth, as well: Wonderfulness.

For that whole time, Wonderfulness has stood as an empty shell, form without content.

Over the past couple of weeks, in response to a series of deeply customer-unfriendly actions on the part of LiveJournal, there has been a great deal of fannish movement toward Dreamwidth. One result of this has been that Dreamwidth, which has always allowed individual accounts to import content from LiveJournal accounts, has added the functionality of being able to import Communities, as well.

So, as owner and founder of the LJ [ profile] i_spy_fandom community and the DW Wonderfulness community, I've finally been able to do what both communities were intended for from the beginning: All content from [ profile] i_spy_fandom is now mirrored at Wonderfulness on Dreamwidth.


The way Dreamwidth handles content imports from LJ is to create OpenID accounts, consisting of "" with your LJ password as the password. If, for some reason, you want your posts on [ profile] wonderfulness to be exclusive to LiveJournal, you can delete it from Wonderfulness with those credentials. I hope you won't. I want these communities to be true sisters, where each stands in for the other. But, it's your content, it's your decision. Mine will always be available on both.


Dec. 26th, 2011 02:51 am
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You will not *believe* the I Spy story I got for this year's [ profile] yuletide.

HOLY FUCKING FUCK. Pardon my French, but... there is <i>no other word for it.</i>

She just totally - she wrote in the space I adore, which is where gen gets so slashy you can't really tell, but you know there's a Happily Ever After, AND SO MUCH FREAKING LOVE IT WARMS THE WHOLE HOUSE. The whole world.


Also, it's SO well-written I can almost guess who it is, but part of the fun is not knowing, but now I'm also curious to see if my deductions are vindicated or if I am about to discover yet another quite unbelievable writer. I just... I... omg.

And omg she wrote to my specs and shoehorned in every one of my optional details which are optional, and it's so warm and intimate and... I'm just melted.

Here you go. And remember to let her know, ie leave a comment, if you like it as much as I do (which you will, it's witty and sharp-edged and gorgeous and suspenseful and spycraft-y and deals with aging (appropriate for my 40th birthday, which was on the 9th) and written like - it has central metaphors and ongoing images and HOLY FUCK.)

Excuse me, I need to go and swoon now.
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It was a little bit hard to select the screencaps - there are many tender or funny domestic scenes. Still not everyone of these pics is nice and cosy, sometimes family means hurt and sorrow, too.

Most screencaps are without a comment - of course there are a few where I couldn't resist quoting *g*.

The last screencap doesn't *show* anything in the picture, instead Kelly tells Scotty in an indirect way: home is where your heart is.

I wish everyone who reads my post a Merry Christmas, or if you believe in something else which I am not familiar with, the appropriate wishing. Have some relaxing days, too ;-).

A family of two men )
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First I thought about it when I made the following two screencaps.  I smiled and forgot it. During the last months I had two or three more ideas. Now at last I wrote every episode’s title on a piece of paper and started to look for some fitting screencaps.

I chose screencaps which go nicely with an episode they don’t belong to. While joining titles and non-matching screencaps I had the greatest fun of all times preparing an I Spy posting. Still not every combination is funny - some are serious, and some may be *really* bad puns.

Oh, one another thing: sometimes I think the way American's and European's (or German's) way of funny-thinking is partly different. So just tell me which title works for you and which doesn’t. Might be interesting – and I am much more nosy than touchy ;-)

"Now You See Her..."

Some more screencaps... )
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I have collected some screencaps with Scotty's and Kelly's mutual hand touching. Sometimes it's by accident, I think, but sometimes it might be Cos&Culp...

There are some more screencaps... )


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