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Older_Not_Dead is a community, where... ah, I think I just quote a little bit:

"This Community is a mixture of the challenge community / ficathon / commentathon / storyathon / promptathon - with one exception: each half of the pairing, in the stories, has to be aged forty or older. It doesn't mean that they have to be forty in the television series, film, book, whatever, just that in the story they have to be over forty."

There was a call for the "Promptathon 08", the theme is "Winter". I wrote an I Spy prompt for writers/artists with the item "White". (Erm... seems to me it isn't very inventive for winter, but I was in a hurry and it was the last day for prompts).

So if anyone wants to write a story... *makes puppy eyes*.


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Everybody still alive ;-) ?

Let's collect some names Scotty and Kelly call each other. Here it is "Captain Midnight" and "Herman".

A List of Names. )
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Interesting and insightful. The feature is a series of several folks who died this year ... the others are really interesting, as well.
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I have to ask the first question because english is not my native language. When I heard Kelly or Scotty say "My Man" the first time to the other one I was absolutely stunned. When a german woman talks like that it *always* means "my husband" (I think today a gay man would use this expression for his boyfriend/spouse too).

What kind of expression is it? Something "normal" like pal or buddy? But why does a song exist with the title "My Man is a Mean Man", and a boyfriend is meant? Kelly introduces Scotty in a scene from "Three hours on a Sunday Night" to the rich woman as "This is my man, Alex Scott". I really don't understand it - but I like it very much...

The second question: watching the dvd's I had the feeling they don't use the expression very often in the third season. To prove it I would have to make a check list - maybe in one year or two... (There was someone who did this in the Pros, with the first and last names, the nicknames, dependent on the season - a really good idea, sitting in front of a tv for about two weeks 8 hours a day for a holiday *g*).

If I'm right, I don't understand why it changed. Already in the first season they were so familiar with one another, so happy, why should they leave out this expression in the third one? Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know it really.

A pic from "Carry me back to old T'sing Tao" as a symbol for "My Man":

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...it offers such a great, great analysis of, and tribute to (dare I say fanboying of?) I Spy  that I thought I'd risk duplicating.

This is the URL:


And since you can never be sure when pages will be taken down, I've included the text of the article behind the cut. (Why yes, I'm totally paranoid and mistrustful of the Internet. Why do you ask?) Full text behind the cut if link should break... )


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