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I have collected some screencaps with Scotty's and Kelly's mutual hand touching. Sometimes it's by accident, I think, but sometimes it might be Cos&Culp...

Such a lovely beginning of a very special episode...

Here they are in "My Mother the Spy" again, and it's such a typical Cos&Culp scene. It could be worth a special posting, with some more screencaps ;-)

It's probably an accident - it was an exhausting scene and they couldn't plan it.

Scotty wants to show Kelly something and nudges him with his hand. He could just have said it and point to it *g*.

I made a separate posting about this scene one year ago. They sit in the back of a taxi, it's dark and they need this big lively dog (that's a long and silly story). That's the last screenshot of this scene, where Kelly is covering Scotty's hand with his own hand, at the throat of the dog. You can't see much of Scotty's hand, only just a little bit beside Kelly's index-finger.
I imagine Cos&Culp sitting in a hotel room and talking about the possibility of a black and a white man holding hands in a 60's series...

I like that scene - so cosy and domestic. It's from "A Gift from Alexander".

It took me some watching of this episode ("Get Thee to a Nunnery") to really recognize what Robert Culp is doing. To encourage Scotty throwing that stone, he could have clapped him manly on his shoulder...

Scotty wants to give Kelly a Hamburger. Kelly takes Scotty's hand instead of the Burger.

I think it's just a funny scene (and I don't think anyone should write a threesome...)

Ahhh - h/c in perfection.

Bill Cosby's hand doesn't make any sense... but we like it!

Might be a coincidence. It's out of "The Warlord".

The beginning of the great scene from "To Florence with Love". It's a bit difficult to watch it in a screencap, but Kelly pats Scotty on the hand, while he is walking around the counter. I think it's all about Cos&Culp.

Ir's just a dislocated thumb...

"I give you my hand, my heart and my love from this day forward... oh, and here is the ring" ;-)

One of my all time favorite screencaps - the way Robert Culp touches the hand of Bill Cosby. The scene only requires Kelly giving Scotty a clasp pin.

Scotty had his nose hurt and Kelly takes Scotty's hand tenderly away to have a look at Scotty's nose. It's from "Happy Birthday Everybody".

It's the episode "Shana", and it must be pure coincidence for Scotty touching Kelly's hand...

I think it's mostly part of the script ("Suitable for Framing")

In this one ("The Spy Business") too.

Ahh. Robert Culp was surely thinking "It's under water, nobody will look at us". So sweet together.
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