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Title: In Dreams
Fandom: I Spy
Summary: Scotty reflects on Kelly's personality while watching him sleep.
Genre: angst
Characters: Kelly, Scotty
Pairings: none
Warnings: scene for "A Room With A Rack", references to torture

Well you have to get beat up every once in a while otherwise you go soft, right Kel? )


Dec. 26th, 2011 02:51 am
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You will not *believe* the I Spy story I got for this year's [livejournal.com profile] yuletide.

HOLY FUCKING FUCK. Pardon my French, but... there is <i>no other word for it.</i>

She just totally - she wrote in the space I adore, which is where gen gets so slashy you can't really tell, but you know there's a Happily Ever After, AND SO MUCH FREAKING LOVE IT WARMS THE WHOLE HOUSE. The whole world.


Also, it's SO well-written I can almost guess who it is, but part of the fun is not knowing, but now I'm also curious to see if my deductions are vindicated or if I am about to discover yet another quite unbelievable writer. I just... I... omg.

And omg she wrote to my specs and shoehorned in every one of my optional details which are optional, and it's so warm and intimate and... I'm just melted.

Here you go. And remember to let her know, ie leave a comment, if you like it as much as I do (which you will, it's witty and sharp-edged and gorgeous and suspenseful and spycraft-y and deals with aging (appropriate for my 40th birthday, which was on the 9th) and written like - it has central metaphors and ongoing images and HOLY FUCK.)

Excuse me, I need to go and swoon now.
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It will be the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] heron_pose's birthday in a few days, and I'm offering this early (tiny) gift in her honor.

TITLE: Downhill
RATING: General
LENGTH: 950 words or so
SUMMARY: A San Francisco vignette, taking place some years after "Anyplace I Hang Myself is Home" and a few days after my previous fic for Heron Pose, "Tea Service".
Prompt words were "San Francisco" and "cold."

Amidst clatter and horns and the clang of an oncoming trolley, Scotty says, 'It's all downhill from here, Melvin.' )
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I Spy
Solitary Lunacy
by Leviathan

University of California at Los Angeles, English department teachers lounge 7:50 PM PDT.  

The afternoon summer ESL class was supposed to have started at 1:00, but that hadn't happened, and their professor, who had known it wouldn't happen, stood alone in the teacher's lounge, watching a bulbous, ghostly shape, wavering back and forth as it moved down a ladder toward dusty gray static.


The Watergate Hotel, Washington, DC, Room 3803 10:50 PM EDT

The tall, slender man aimed a jaundiced look at the glass in his hand. It was the tooth-glass from the hotel room's bathroom. It was about four times the size of a shot glass, and it was almost full of whiskey, and he thought briefly that, seeing that he was here in this hotel room because the contractors were making repairs on his house, and if he was honest with himself -- which he prided himself on doing very seldom -- the damage being repaired was very much whiskey-related, maybe having such large doses of whiskey was not such a wonderful idea.

He brought the glass to his lips, and took a healthy swallow. Well, maybe 'healthy' wasn't quitele mot juste
On the 27-inch Quasar, in snowy shades of gray, a padded, swaddled white shape swayed, as if dancing, as it moved down the ladder toward the dusty ground.


The voice crackled and hissed, like an old LP record that had been played too many times, the sound dropping out from time to time. From the camera POV, high above, the little hop from the ladder to the pale gray soil looked childish and comical.

"That's one small step...for man...one giant leap...for mankind."

And a human being was actually standing on the moon.


"Well, willya look at that, Hoby," said Alexander Scott to the empty room.

A continent away, Kelly Robinson nodded slowly. "You always said we'd get there, Dobbsie. In our hearts, in our guts, we're pioneers, and there's only one frontier left."

Two men stood alone in empty rooms, looking to the stars.

The End
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I have here for your reading pleasure (I hope) a story that is not action-packed, or sexxy, or anything like that. About 2500 words of ... thinking and talking, and a little bit of tennis. Apologies for them what's getting it twice.

They are so married, in a way that completely enhances the institution. :-)

Stand the Heat )

Comments welcome, esp. typo thingies and lack of clarity thingies ... with luck, there may be another story or two before day is done.
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I was watching "Home To Judgment" today and was facinated by the bits of Kelly's childhood revealed in the episode, which left me longing for pre-series fanfiction of that nature.
So, my question is, is there any Little!Kelly fanfiction out there and if so could anyone kindly point me in it's direction? :)
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In Dreams

Fandom: I Spy
Summary: Scotty reflects on Kelly's personality while watching him sleep.
Genre: (Gen), angst, h/c, friendship
Character(s): Kelly, Scotty
Warnings: "missing scene" for the episode "Room With A Rack", references to torture and alcohol.

Well you have to get beat up every once in a while otherwise you go soft, right Kel? )
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Of course, not every one of us *is* a mom, but unless you're Macduff, you *have* one, and anyway, I'm a sap for holiday fics. Which explains this one, which isn't very worthy of anything in particular, but which might advance the festive mood! Or something.
For [livejournal.com profile] heron_pose , as always.
The Count of Mommy Cristo )
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The story for [livejournal.com profile] heron_pose, "Rocket," continues.

Last time ended with “Brother, you just can't ever make it easy, can you,” Scotty said softly, as he drifted his fingers across Kelly's forehead. “But I wish you would. I do wish you would.”

Now, back to the Winter Park Tennis Club:

Read more... )
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The serial story commissioned by [livejournal.com profile] sarahenany for [livejournal.com profile] heron_pose continues.

The first installment ended thus: “Come on, Kel,” he whispered, and remembered the start of it all.

And now...

The official luncheon at the Winter Park Tennis Club that afternoon had been just about what Scotty expected. )
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This short serial fic (to be presented in a few paragraphs every day this week) was commissioned by [livejournal.com profile] sarahenany for the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] heron_pose. I hope it suits both of them!

"Rocket," in which Kelly is hurt, Scotty blames himself, and there be swamps a-plenty here on Cape Canaveral.

Rocket )


Mar. 24th, 2011 11:30 pm
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Apologies for cross-posting ...

Here's nearly 190 words of "I Spy"; a little irony for the guys who maintained maximum plausibility despite breaking the fourth wall with glee on a fairly regular basis. I post it in honor of Sarah who told me to, though I couldn't resist playing with it.

Not even cutting. It's only little!


Kelly's never much enjoyed being taken care of, though he's been known to fake suffering with the best of 'em to ensure the solicitous attentions of a young lady. His ludicrous experience in the castillo -- genuine rack and everything – has rendered him unable to fake just about anything, including stoicism. While Scotty's no young lady, he's been an older brother for a good long time, so he's a dab hand at the washcloth on the fevered brow, and spooning hot soup into the mouth of a guy who can't lift his arms.

While he's not thrilled with the arrangement, it's a revelation to Kel that he doesn't really mind Scotty's help, any more than Scotty seems to mind giving it. It's no real mystery: he'd rather have Scotty waiting on him hand and foot for days than to have their roles reversed. Just imagining Scotty suffering from a flayed back and a fractured skull hurts more than his own knee-joints do just now, and that's saying a lot.

Kelly's new at this older-brother thing; he's not sure he really has the nerves for it.

[identity profile] heron-pose.livejournal.com
1100 words; h/c-ish. With tennis!
Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sarahenany for the beta, and to her as well as [livejournal.com profile] leviathan0999 for the community.

All the King's Horses )
[identity profile] sarahenany.livejournal.com

It was an honor and a privilege to co-author this work with [livejournal.com profile] heron_pose . Thank you more than I can say.

A missing scene from “Sophia”: why does Kelly end up in that tiny car with Scotty and his daughter when they go to meet 'her Gino'?


A Family Thing )


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Apologies if you've already seen this over at my place, in which case, move along -- nothing to see here.

~5000 words; for [livejournal.com profile] sarahenany; she thought a pre-"Tiger" whumping might be interesting. Thanks to her for perfect beta performance; remaining mistakes are mine own.

The Fragility of that Bright Tomorrow )
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A quick drabble for [livejournal.com profile] sarahenany's birthday. Not set after any particular episode, just this one time in Mexico...

Hillside )

Happy birthday!
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In North America, it is still Thanksgiving ... and after Sarah's beauteous image, I thought, I *really* need to finish that kinda sorta flash-fic thingy I started this morning.

So, I did.

About 1300 words; total time spent = 90 minutes?
So, no beta
Plenty sap
And sadly, entirely safe for children, except for some snarky political commentary -- I just cannot help myself.

Set between "Tatia" and "Weight of the World", which just did happen to be broadcast on either side of Thanksgiving in 1965 ...

There's No Place Like Tokyo for the Holidays )


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