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I watched the episode again and noticed I didn't have any screencap from the beginning of this episode. So I made some for a nice weekend with Cos&Culp (being so happy with one another...)

Have a look at some more pics )
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It will be the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] heron_pose's birthday in a few days, and I'm offering this early (tiny) gift in her honor.

TITLE: Downhill
RATING: General
LENGTH: 950 words or so
SUMMARY: A San Francisco vignette, taking place some years after "Anyplace I Hang Myself is Home" and a few days after my previous fic for Heron Pose, "Tea Service".
Prompt words were "San Francisco" and "cold."

Amidst clatter and horns and the clang of an oncoming trolley, Scotty says, 'It's all downhill from here, Melvin.' )
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Everybody still alive ;-) ?

Let's collect some names Scotty and Kelly call each other. Here it is "Captain Midnight" and "Herman".

A List of Names. )
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I'm sorting my screencaps not only by episodes, but also by topics. And it's a little bit crazy - the more I find, the more I'm afraid I will miss some important pics... 

Writing a comment yesterday I thought about my domestic pics and hesitated. No, there might be more to find, which I missed so far *g*. So today it's the Bad Guy's Posting Day.

I have to warn you: the first pic ist the only one with Scotty and Kelly... but I tried to take some interesting or funny screencaps. Also not every guy is *really* bad. Let's start!

It's a hard day's work for a spy:

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I Spy
Solitary Lunacy
by Leviathan

University of California at Los Angeles, English department teachers lounge 7:50 PM PDT.  

The afternoon summer ESL class was supposed to have started at 1:00, but that hadn't happened, and their professor, who had known it wouldn't happen, stood alone in the teacher's lounge, watching a bulbous, ghostly shape, wavering back and forth as it moved down a ladder toward dusty gray static.


The Watergate Hotel, Washington, DC, Room 3803 10:50 PM EDT

The tall, slender man aimed a jaundiced look at the glass in his hand. It was the tooth-glass from the hotel room's bathroom. It was about four times the size of a shot glass, and it was almost full of whiskey, and he thought briefly that, seeing that he was here in this hotel room because the contractors were making repairs on his house, and if he was honest with himself -- which he prided himself on doing very seldom -- the damage being repaired was very much whiskey-related, maybe having such large doses of whiskey was not such a wonderful idea.

He brought the glass to his lips, and took a healthy swallow. Well, maybe 'healthy' wasn't quitele mot juste
On the 27-inch Quasar, in snowy shades of gray, a padded, swaddled white shape swayed, as if dancing, as it moved down the ladder toward the dusty ground.


The voice crackled and hissed, like an old LP record that had been played too many times, the sound dropping out from time to time. From the camera POV, high above, the little hop from the ladder to the pale gray soil looked childish and comical.

"That's one small step...for man...one giant leap...for mankind."

And a human being was actually standing on the moon.


"Well, willya look at that, Hoby," said Alexander Scott to the empty room.

A continent away, Kelly Robinson nodded slowly. "You always said we'd get there, Dobbsie. In our hearts, in our guts, we're pioneers, and there's only one frontier left."

Two men stood alone in empty rooms, looking to the stars.

The End
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I Spy *is* a small fandom. Their rule is: no more than 2.000 fanfics.

A 10,000-word big bang for small fandoms!
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Heron_pose reminded me with her posting of Robert Culp's birthday. So I chose some screencaps in honor of him and to remember him as a happy Kelly Robinson.

It's from the episode "A Gift From Alexander", and it's Scotty watching Kelly dressing.

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I have here for your reading pleasure (I hope) a story that is not action-packed, or sexxy, or anything like that. About 2500 words of ... thinking and talking, and a little bit of tennis. Apologies for them what's getting it twice.

They are so married, in a way that completely enhances the institution. :-)

Stand the Heat )

Comments welcome, esp. typo thingies and lack of clarity thingies ... with luck, there may be another story or two before day is done.
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It’s from „Sophia“, a nice and easy going Roman episode. I’m mostly focused on Cos&Culp while watching the episodes, that’s why I needed more than one watching to recognize the behaviour of Lawyer and Judge (original lines!)

Scotty and Kelly are both accused of driving too fast (btw: the only one driving too fast was Kelly).

Their lawyer is fighting for them with dramatic eloquence.
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I read an article on "Spiegel-online" (a news magazine in Germany) about homosexual marriage in New York being allowed since today.

There were photos to look at, I saw one and immediately I had an association... and certainly a nice one ;-)



Jul. 14th, 2011 09:39 pm
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Brushing my teeth in the morning I was wandering about "Sir" as an address between Kelly and Scotty.

It was one form of address between so many others, but was it common in the 60s to call a black man "Sir"? I wondered if they were breaking a taboo with this word, too. 

Just to make this entry a little more entertaining - a screenshot of Kelly while he is calling Scotty (who takes a bath) "Sir".  

Kelly: "I beg your pardon. Is it a little warm for you, sir?"
Scotty: "My legs are melting."

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I was watching "Home To Judgment" today and was facinated by the bits of Kelly's childhood revealed in the episode, which left me longing for pre-series fanfiction of that nature.
So, my question is, is there any Little!Kelly fanfiction out there and if so could anyone kindly point me in it's direction? :)
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Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you:

Carmelita the Spy

(spoiler: she has a microdot on her butt)

Two men travelling with one baby and some clasp pins (original lines) )
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In Dreams

Fandom: I Spy
Summary: Scotty reflects on Kelly's personality while watching him sleep.
Genre: (Gen), angst, h/c, friendship
Character(s): Kelly, Scotty
Warnings: "missing scene" for the episode "Room With A Rack", references to torture and alcohol.

Well you have to get beat up every once in a while otherwise you go soft, right Kel? )