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Dorinda asked for some suggestions about screencaps/scenes for a vid made by friends of her.

That was terrible - I found myself in front of a huge mountain of indecision! ;-) But it was so much fun (as always) to choose some pics/scenes. I made very small screenshots, it's probably quicker than to describe everything.

It would be interesting to listen to other suggestions, I think everyone has a bit different angle of view. 

Ideas for complete scenes

The cool scene:
The Loser

The funny scenes:

The Beautiful Children

The Honorable Assassins (later on in the scene they nearly fell off the camel)


To Florence with Love Pt. 2 *melts*

The happy scenes:

Red Sash of Courage

The Honorable Assassins (in slow motion they seem to be flirting...)

Turkish Delight

The scenes with Kelly moving like a cat:

A Time of the Knife (the way he swings through the window)

Father Abraham (a bit breathtaking: he jumps up to the house's wall and turns on his heel)

Philotimo (Kelly balancing and swinging downwards like the son of Tarzan/Cat)

The scenes with naked skin:

A Gift from Alexander

Court of the Lion

The Seventh Captain (it could be a complete vid alone *sigh*)

The soft and tender scenes:

Father Abraham (it's only some seconds: Kelly passes Scotty and caresses his back)

Oedipus at Colonus (I really love the way Kelly puts Scotty's robe carefully into shape)

Ideas for Screenshots

The slashy screenshots:

The Seventh Captain

The Honorable Assassins

Red Sash of Courage

Cops and Robbers (there are enough pics with them on the bed)

Carry Me Back to Old Tsin Tao (who writes a story about it? *g*)

The naked skin screenshots:

So Coldly Sweet


Crusade to Limbo

It's All Done with Mirrors

Child out of Time

Carmelita is One of Us (their hands...)


One Thousand Fine

A Day Called 4 Jaguar

The funny screenshots:

The Medarra Block

The Lotus Eater (the only way a woman gets a hold on Kelly)

Now You See Her now You Don't

Get Thee to a Nunnery

Court of the Lion

Child out of Time

A cool screenshot:

Three Hours on a Sunday Night

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