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First I thought about it when I made the following two screencaps.  I smiled and forgot it. During the last months I had two or three more ideas. Now at last I wrote every episode’s title on a piece of paper and started to look for some fitting screencaps.

I chose screencaps which go nicely with an episode they don’t belong to. While joining titles and non-matching screencaps I had the greatest fun of all times preparing an I Spy posting. Still not every combination is funny - some are serious, and some may be *really* bad puns.

Oh, one another thing: sometimes I think the way American's and European's (or German's) way of funny-thinking is partly different. So just tell me which title works for you and which doesn’t. Might be interesting – and I am much more nosy than touchy ;-)

"Now You See Her..."

"...Now You Don't"


"Time of the Knife"

"Magic Mirror"

"Red Sash of Courage"

"Weight of the World" Pt. 1

"Weight of the World" Pt. 2

"Weight of the World" Pt. 3

"The Tiger"

"Danny Was a Million Laughs"

"Sooo Long, Patrick Henry"?

"A Room with a Rack"

"Dragon's Teeth"

"No Exchange of Damaged Merchandise"

"One of Our Bombs is Missing" Pt.1

"One of Our Bombs is Missing" Pt. 2

"Casanova from Canarsie"

"Get Thee to a Nunnery"

"Little Boy Lost" Pt. 1

"Little Boy Lost" Pt. 2

"The Loser"

"What does 'A Day Called 4 Jaguar' mean?"

"So Coldly Sweet"

"The Conquest of Maude"

"A Gift from Alexander" Pt. 1

"A Gift from Alexander" Pt. 2

"A Gift from Alexander" Pt. 3

"A Gift from Alexander" Pt. 4

"Return to Glory"

"Any Place I Hang Myself Is Home"

"This Guy Smith"

"The Lotus Eater"

"Bridge of Spies"

"My Mothers the Spies"

"The Trouble with Temple"

"The Spy Business" Pt. 1

"The Spy Business" Pt. 2

"The Spy Business" Pt. 3

"The Spy Business" Pt. 4


"An American Empress"

Kelly handling the "Court of the Lion"

"Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up?" Pt. 1

"Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up?" Pt. 2

"Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up" Pt. 3

"It's All Done with Mirrors"

"A Cup of Kindness"

"Tag, You're It"
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