Jun. 10th, 2013

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I signed up for the [community profile] hc_bingo multi-fandom challenge today, and got an excellent card full of hurt/comfort prompts to work with. And in the process of considering the different prompts, I started thinking about I Spy, like ya do. Because it seemed like practically every square on the card had something that actually happened in canon!

Here, take a look at the bingo card... )

Some of the simple ones, for instance--"broken bones," both Kelly and Scotty have had 'em onscreen if I recall correctly (not to mention vaguely similar events like Scotty's dislocated thumb in A Few Miles West of Nowhere). "Nervous breakdown," Kelly's totally been there, most especially in A Room With a Rack; ditto "depression". "Unconsciousness"--jeez, when haven't they been unconscious? :D "Exhaustion," as well; we've seen both of them utterly collapse from it.

"Job-related trauma" is another common one for both of them, especially in episodes like "Laya" where it is the job itself that is the trauma. "Drugged", for sure, both of them. "Family" can be a source of hurt for both (Cops and Robbers, Home to Judgment, etc.) as well as eventual comfort (and I think you can tuck "loss of home/shelter" into Home to Judgment, for Kelly...)

But what about some of the others? Hmm. "Hazing"...what about Kelly's initiation in "Crusade to Limbo", where he's ordered to shoot a man in cold blood before he can join the group? (And he does pull the trigger, on Scotty's command, when Scotty says "Believe in me!" or something similar...).

"Hostile climate"...I'd definitely pick Sparrowhawk.

"Cages"...do prison cells count? *g* Or Scotty's hollow statue filled with cement?

I don't know about "sexual extortion" or "telepathic trauma"...might need to leave those ones to the fiction, unfortunately. Although Kelly does seem to whore himself out for the job sometimes (or, in Three Hours On A Sunday Night, to try to save Scotty), not sure if that would count for the former?

"Atonement" seems like it must be in there somewhere (The Loser, maybe?) "Confession in desperate situation," too, could use further thought. "Medication"? "Dystopia"? "Bites"? Hmmm...

"Cuddling" and "hugs" we do get, even if never enough (thank goodness for fic).

Man, this show is just riddled with h/c (more H than C, of course, as TV is wont to do, but again that's what we're here for. Heh.).


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